Position Statements

Crossbow Position Statement

 The United Bowhunters of Illinois is adamantly opposed to the inclusion of any weapon that is not hand drawn and hand held in Illinois' archery season. Specifically, we are opposed to the use of the crossbow and the drawlock device, as well as any other weapon that does not require the shooter to draw by hand, hold by hand, and release by hand. Such weapons have the potential to negatively alter the primitive weapon status originally designated for archery seasons in Illinois.

We are not opposed to the use of such devices by the truly handicapped, but we do question the legitimacy of some of these cases. Therefore we support all efforts by the IDNR to maintain the integrity in issuing handicap permits so as to minimize abuse in this practice. 

Archery season position statement

 The United Bowhunters of Illinois is opposed to the creation of any new hunting season, or the extension of any existing hunting season which will decrease the length of the archery only season or displace the season into less favorable dates. While the United Bowhunters of Illinois recognizes the rights of hunters who choose to use other weapons in seperate hunting seasons, we will oppose all efforts to include such users in Illinois' archery season. 

big game shooting enclosure position statement

 The United Bowhunters of Illinois opposes any big game hunting where the animal is within the confines of game proof enclosures. We oppose this despicable practice on the grounds of fair chase hunting, the threat of disease spreading from captive cervids to our wild deer populations, and the fact that privatizing wildlife is contrary to the North American model of game management. It is our position that the selling of hunts for big game animals that have been raised within an enclosure, or animals that currently are confined within an enclosure should be illegal in Illinois.